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About Company

We help our clients to achieve their desired goals

We are a boutique investment house who are engaged in sourcing and co-investing in suitable ventures across the globe through a balanced approach and help entrepreneurs with great ideas either in Greenfield ventures or in brown field going concerns.

Our aim is to develop and manage a sizable portfolio with suitable representation in all industries such as manufacturing, e-commerce, Renewable/green energy, infrastructure, real estate. mining and IS/IT.

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Key Activities

Our key aim is to deploy investments into corporates in the following sectors:

Invest in prospecting extraction, refining and distribution of oil and petroleum products. Establish and manage subsidiary Wealth fund arms specific to meet the capital equipment financing of Oil and Natural gas enterprises. Invest in Oil and Gas logistic enterprises to provide outsourcing services both on lease based as well as long term revenue share basis.

Invest in manufacturing and supply of heavy engineering equipment to cater to the needs of Mining, automobile, transportation industry and bulk consumer durables.

Invest in conventional educational institutions and also acquire digital education platforms to impart skills through modern technology. Develop AI and ML based skill labs to capture skill and train future aspirants in modern medicine, science and technology.

Invest in acquisition of sports clubs, sports medicine, related technology, equipment to enhance the performance of players and make the sports enjoyable.

Invest in modernisation of farm production processes and develop end to end logistics companies to eliminate middlemen in marketing the agricultural produce.

Invest in tourism infrastructure, nvest evelop IT apps to integrate tourist attraction and create tour packages backed by dependable amenities at all major tourist destinations.

Invest in green energy companies and manage production, distribution of green energy.

Invest in commercial ventures which include firms and holding companies formed to invest their funds and hold the assets of subsidiary corporations which carry out various public infrastructure, real estate, mining, commercial, transport, contracting and finance activities which also includes operating and managing said subsidiaries.

Invest in holding companies formed  to invest own funds or to secure funds to be invested in setting up healthcare projects, such as, hospitals, clinics, sanatoria, diagnostic centres, geriatric care centres, rehabilitation centres and other similar enterprises which also includes managing and organizing the affairs of such companies.

Invest in holding companies formed with own funds and hold the assets of subsidiary corporations which carry out various retail trade which also involves managing such enterprises.

Supporting research and development in desalination, processing and purification of water for human and industrial applications. Generating water using modern technologies to address water scarcity in geographic area where water availability is scarce.