Exceptional finance services


At Unicus we have a specialist team who will cater to Growth Capital, working capital and bridge finance loans to medium and large corporates across sectors. The loan application process and macro terms can be obtained by contacting out loans team using our contact us page.

Private Equity

Given the down trend in the global financial markets the valuation meltdown of businesses across contents and sectors, Unicus has created a special corpus to support the potential client’s equity needs and create a measured approach towards the valuation growth of deserving clients. Our equity investment process generally follows the rule of thumb assessment as per industry norms, but we can provide flexible terms and support, from the growth phase through to the IPO stage if our team finds the potential client as an entrepreneur with skills to succeed and hunger to grow.

Project Finance

Our team is sensitive to the needs of the clients as all potential opportunities may not fit the conventional bill of a debt or equity requirement as certain large capital intense projects will test the tenacity of the investor as well as the entrepreneur. To meet the capital needs of such special projects which will challenge the skills of the entrepreneur and provide substantial returns, Unicus holds the strength to bank roll such projects, across Middle-east, Asia and Europe.

Financial Engineering

All entrepreneurial ventures will end up as success stories going by the rule book, but macroeconomic challenges that are beyond the control of the enterprise will sometimes lead to financial stress on the business and may even challenge the business continuity. At Unicus we have expertise to understand such challenges and suggest a bailout mechanism and bring business back onto its feet.

Merger and Acquisitions

We are keener on dealing the buy mandates as buying and selling of business is a business in itself. For the M & A division, we have a specialist team based out of Europe who are hungry to buy and turn businesses into profit engines using a combination of modern technology and conventional processes.